Welcome to Naked Ape

Naked Ape is more than just a company and more than just a brand. We're charging headfirst, uninterested in the way things have always been done. Our goal is to formulate the highest quality, healthiest, and most natural products for our customers.

We're going to be the change we want to see in the world.


I was skeptical at first because shampoo bars typically dry out my hair but this shampoo bar is the best I've ever used, hands down. For my fellow greasy haired individuals, DOUBLE SHAMPOO (shampoo, rinse and REPEAT). Even with shampooing twice each time I wash my hair, these bars have lasted the longest out of other brands I've tried and my hair stays cleaner longer. This shampoo thoroughly cleans my hair without stripping it and leaves it full of good moisture. Seriously, my new favorite shampoo and brand overall!

Morgan C.

The best solid shampoo bar I've ever used!! I purchased a few from Lush a few years ago which damaged my hair so I was nervous to try out another bar shampoo. This product is safe for curly hair and cleans without stripping it! Will most definitely buy again!

Leah W.

About Us

Naked Ape is located in Western North Carolina and is owned and operated by Trish Phoenix and Drew Buonaiuto. We combined our love for the planet and an obsession with skincare to create Naked Ape. We personally formulate and manufacture each and every product in our line. When we aren't creating new products, we're working at our non profit farm animal sanctuary, Trew Love Sanctuary. We appreciate each and every one of our customers and we're always around to answer any questions you may have.